The Tale of Two Cleans

      For years, I had dry, itchy skin. I thought it was the weather or my environment, maybe the food I was eating or maybe I just had bad genetics. Then, my wife bought some hand made soap at a Christmas market, and for the first time my skin felt great. We started looking at the difference of real soap vs artificial store-bought soap and knew we would never go back. 

     Real soap is made by mixing fats/oils with lye. This creates a chemical reaction called saponification and the resulting by product is soap and glycerin. In the process, not all the oils change, and are left in the resulting soap. This leave some of the natural ingredients in the oils, such as vitamins and minerals. This leaves you with soap that is filled with natural vitamins and minerals that leave your skin clean and soft.

      Artificial soap is mass produced detergent, which is soap that has had the glycerin removed during the saponification process. The glycerin removed can be then added to more expensive and now necessary products such as lotions. Because of the disruption in the saponification process, synthetic ingredients (detergents) and then added to replace the glycerin lacking.

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