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The Clean You've Been Questing For

Enhance Your Shower Routine Today


the clean you deserve

Charisma 20 is here to provide the best skin care to the best people.

I have been an RPG player most my life and this diverse community means the world to  me so I want to give back with something that everyone needs, skin care products that work for them. Whether it's sensitive skin, dry skin, or simply just wanting less chemicals and more natural ingredients for your skin, we're here for you.

Green Texture

body shop

Whether hanging at a convention or your home gaming table, prep your body the right way. Whatever your skin type, our soaps will leave you feeling clean and moisturized, while our body lotions protect and smooth those drier areas.

for a smooth face

Faces are as diverse as the gamers who wear them, using cleansers and moisturizers that are right for you face is critical. Choose what is right for your skin.

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